The Leeds Sports Federation (LSF) equipment small grants panel meet on the 21st September, they are now accepting late applications up until the deadline date of 19th September.


 As a Leeds sports club you are eligible to apply for up to £500 of sports equipment for your club, the best applications link their bid to a development programme such as a new team or to provide a club school link.

If your club would like to apply, you can download the forms on the Grants page.



The Active Lives survey is a new way of measuring sport and activity across England.

Like its predecessor the Active People Survey, it will measure the number of people aged 14 and over taking part in sport. Leading research company IPSOS-MORI carry out the survey for Sport England.

Over recent months, research experts have been consulting with Sport England stakeholders to develop the new survey, which can now be completed both online and by post.

The number of people taking part in sport will be tracked by demographic group, where people live and the activities they take part in.

Data collection began in November 2015, and runs for an initial period of five years. The overall sample size will be around 198,250 people each year. Our minimum annual sample size for each English local authority will be 500, though some key areas will involve surveying a bigger number of people.


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