FTIP#2: Communication and Social media – what should we use?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘silver bullet’ answer to this question as things change on an almost daily basis. The best general advice seems to be to have a Club or Group website (or Facebook page) for your more “static” information and use one or more of the dynamic type messaging apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger) to help your direct communications.
Email is still important, but it very much has its place in 2017 – with a lot of people it’s definitely *not* the first thing they check ‘hour to hour’ – if you want to cancel a match (or change a game start time) SMS text or a phone call may still be your safest bet.
A lot of groups – very sensibly – go with the most popular social media apps – which at this time seem to be Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp. There are others (many!) and it may be that your members already use something else that might work beautifully for you, why not ask them? Different people will prefer different methods of contact, that’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, Clubs and Administrators have to accept this and deal with it in the best way they can, which will nearly always mean a mixture of several of the most appropriate services.

A few ‘red tape’ issues for Clubs operating social media sites to think on – things that all Governing bodies will require especially for Clubmark accreditation:

1) Definitely have a Club or Group social media policy.
2) Nominate a social media officer or officers who will help monitor and approve content etc.
3) Regularly explore related topics using search engines, YouTube etc. to learn more about all of the above, the rate of change in this arena is furious.
4) Encourage your members to get involved, add content and manage the various sites you decide to set up.

Disclaimer: Ftips are based on the combined knowledge and experience of members of the LSF and as such should be used to support your own research taking in to account your specific circumstances. Where links to other web sites are suggested LSF are not responsible for their content or availability. Post your questions or comments to :


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