FTIP#3: General Guidance for Data Protection

(You can read more on this topic at www.sportenglandclubmatters.com)

You might think data protection is for large business and doesn’t apply to your club. But think about the data you do hold which could include: members’ names, addresses and contact details, ethnicity data, disability data, financial information including perhaps bank account details.

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) places certain obligations on sports clubs who process individuals personal data. It regulates how personal information should be used and protects people from misuse of their personal details. So if your club holds or uses information you need to know what your obligations are.

Notification – Every sports club that processes personal data must register with the Information Commissioners office each year, unless they are exempt. You can check if your club is exempt here:


If you use CCTV on your club facilities, you will need to register.

Every sports club that processes personal data must comply with the eight data protection principles – the data kept has to be :

*Fairly and lawfully processed;
*Processed for limited purposes;
*Adequate, relevant and not excessive;
*Not kept longer than necessary;
*Processed in accordance with your rights;
*Kept secure; and
*Not transferred abroad without adequate protection.

Data Subject Rights

Individuals who you hold data on have the right to access any data held about them.

Disclaimer: Ftips are based on the combined knowledge and experience of members of the LSF and as such should be used to support your own research taking in to account your specific circumstances. Where links to other web sites are suggested LSF are not responsible for their content or availability. Post your questions or comments to :


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