If like a lot of people your admin life is driven by lists and “post it” notes (on hundreds of scraps of paper) stuck to the fridge – it’s worth looking at what the “digital world” has to offer to serve that purpose.

Two software apps that do a decent job – there are others too – are:

1) Windows sticky notes : a free Windows App.

2) Google Keep : again free, but a part of the Google Documents set of applications – a good free office solution.

Both should work on tablets, PCs and phones with suitable operating systems, allowing you to see notes wherever you are.

Disclaimer: Ftips are based on the combined knowledge and experience of members of the LSF and as such should be used to support your own research taking in to account your specific circumstances. Where links to other web sites are suggested LSF are not responsible for their content or availability. Post your questions or comments to :


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